cosmic sound transducers 聲聞乘


Kenny Wheeler, forever


Aphex Twin’s Kitlist for Syro my favourite is the essential tongue drums.

A Designs Reddi
A Designs Pacifica
ADT Toolkit x4
Akai S950HXC
AKG Contact Mics
Alice Mixer
Allen Heath Mix Wizard
Allen Organ Spring Reverb
API 3124+
API 550A
API 550A orig
API 550B API 560
API 8200A
ARP 2500
Atari 1040 + Midi Expansions + HXC
Avedis E27
Bode Vocoder
Boss BX16
Boss BX8
Boss GE7
Buzz Audio Arc1.1
Calrec Minimixer
Calrec RQP3200
Casio FZ10 + FZ20M + NXC
Chandler Delay Black
Chandler Delay Cream
Chandler Zoner Limiter
Cirklon Sequencer
Court Acoustics Graphic
Crumar Bit01 White
Cwejman RES4 x3
Cwejman VC06
Disklavier MKIV Pro Custom
DPA 4052
Drawner Stereo Gate Dytronics FS1
Elysia Mpressor
EML 101. modded
EMS 2000 Vocoder
EMT 140 Plate/Stereo/Tube
EMT 240 Gold Foil
EMT 252 FX
EMT 258 x4 Filters
Ensoniq ASR10 Eventide DSP4000
Eventide H3000 DSE
Eventide H949 x4
Focusrite ISA110 Orig x8
Focusrite ISA430
Fulltone Tape Echo
Harrison 32EQ GR500
HAT Mechanical Drums
Helios x2
Intellijel Rubicon
JH ARP Quadra Phaser
JH Storm Tide FLanger x2
JH Tau Phaser
Jomox Sunsyn V1 x2
Kawai K5000R
Klark Teknik DN780
Korg DS8
Korg Minipops7 Midi. sepouts
Korg PS3200
Korg PS3300 x3
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
Lynx Aurora 16
Make Noise DPO
Marion PROSynth x2
Meinl Water UDU
Micmix Dynaflanger
Micmix Masteroom 2
Midas Venice Desk
Midimoogs x2
Modular Systems/Eurorack
Moog Memory Lintronics
MIT Ensemble
Mum & Dad Vocals
Musicmaid Claptrap x4
Nagra IV-S
Neotek Elite 64 Channel Custom
Neumann V473 x2
Oberheim OBX, racked
Oberheim Modular SEMs, racked
Orla DSE24
Pearl SC40
Pearl Syncussion, racked/midi/mod x4
Plugins, various
Pultec EQP-1A3
Quad Eight 248 x2
Quantec Room Simulator
Retro Instruments Powerstrip
Rhodes Chroma
RME Fireface800
RMI Harmonic Synth
Roland 101s, modded
Roland CE1
Roland D550
Roland MK550
Roland MK570
Roland R8/ROM(?)
Roland TR606 / 666?, modded
Roland TR808
Sci Prophet VS
Sci Prophet5, racked/keyboard
Sennheiser VSM201
Serge Modular 9-panel
Shure Auxpander
Siemens V78 x2
Simmons SD53(??)
SM Pro PEQ505
Songbird Tri Chorus x2
Sound Devices 772
Soundcraft Ghost
Soundworkshop 262
SSL 4000 Channel Strips x5
SSL X desk
Studio Electronics Code8 Full
Synthoma Elkorus
Synton Syntovox 221 x2
Tantek Flanger/Delay
Tongue Drums
Valley People Gain Brains
Valley People Kepex x10
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha D5000
Yamaha DX100, modded
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha EX42
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha RX11
Yamaha TX16W x2
Zither AFX-scale


Popol Vuh - Live 1973

Thanks to Sleeve over at Shard of Beauty for sharing this excellent recording of Popol Vuh — LIVE! Not much live stuff from Florian Fricke and co., so you totally want it. Here’s what we think we know: 

This is a soundboard recording of a live performance in 1973, probably late summer or early fall, in the church in Baumberg in Germany (which accounts for the beautiful natural reverb). My guess is that this is just Daniel Fichelscher on guitar and Florian Fricke on keyboards and vocal (and may be the first recording of Fichelscher as a member of Popol Vuh - he would become co-partner with Fricke for all subsequent Popol Vuh albums. Vocalist Djong Yun did not sing here, because she was away in America at the time. Fricke’s dissatisfaction with his vocals - heard here and on the studio album from 1973, “Seligpreisung” - would prompt him to later add another vocalist, Renate Knaup, whom he met through Fichelscher (both Fichelscher and Knaup had been members of Amon Duul II).

Song list (all are extended versions of the following pieces from their 1973 album “Seligpreisung”):

1)Weinen und Lachen
2)Hungern und Dursten
3)Hungern und Dursten (2nd take)
4)Willig Arm
5)Leid Klagen
6) Interview (German)

33 minutes of music followed by a 12 minute interview, which sounds like it was recorded in a park - because they sometimes have to pause to let a truck go by.

Sound: Now and Next


Sound: Now and Next
The future of broadcast audio
19th - 20th May 2015, BBC Broadcasting House, London

The BBC are pleased to announce ‘Sound: Now and Next’ - a two-day event on the future of broadcast audio. It will feature talks from leading figures on the subject as well as a host of…

(via sound-art-text)


There’s a funny article here about 50s adverts for new quiet typewriters. My grandma (an authority, as she is 103 years old and worked as a secretary for many years) tells stories about the deafening sound of offices in the 30s and 40s, with girls deploying all kinds of strategies (like cotton wool in the ears) to prevent them ringing permanently. 

Sound and Visions: Awesome Retro 50s Typewriter Catalog


And If I want to find the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac I have to remember that I bought it for someone in the fall of 1983 pile, but didn’t give it to them for personal reasons.

I love reorganising my records, but I could never attempt this. Attempting to pin my life to my record collection would be an utter insult to the music within.


Division by Zero

Latest sound art installation by vtol is a levitating speaker that plays generated glitch noises - video embedded below:

autonomous, zero gravity sound object
- magnetic levitation coil/magnet system
- bluetooth sound receiver
- 2 channel micro sound system
- pure data for glitch sounds