cosmic sound transducers 聲聞乘




Women working at the U.S. Capitol switchboard.

January 27, 1959

twenty workers, three teamleaders, and one manager at the desk – awesome depiction of workplace hierarchy


new cork slipmat and an anodized record clamp. let the static free spinning commence. #VinylJunkie #VinylRecords #VinylAccessories #VintageSL1200 #SL1200 #Technics (at hifivinyl’s record room)


This unit was ONLY available for sale inside prisons.  It has a clear shell to prevent them from hiding forbidden objects inside. It features an AM / FM Stereo Radio Tuner and a fully functioning cassette player. It also has the Sony AVLS circuitry and Local / DX Function. This unit still has the last inmates prison number inscribed on the cover which can be seen in the last photo.  Other then that it is fully intact and in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION!!! Perfect For Any Serious Collector!!





The World’s Biggest Loudspeaker, even if you whisper you can be heard a mile away.: The world’s biggest loudspeaker is on view at the 7th Audio Fair now in progress in Tokyo. It measures 15 feet square, and is 35 feet long. Made of wood it can be transported by truck to large field meetings, or to address vast audiences gathered in the open air. Even a whisper can be heard a mile away. If it was placed on the cliffs of Dover the speakers voice could be heard in Calais in France a distance of over 20 miles. Photo shows the outside loudspeaker which has been nicked named ”My Mother-in-Law” by Tokyo wags.” (1958)


Gramophone music is played to a pair of wolves in captivity at London Zoo, 1935.