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In Conversation With Sound Artist Emeka Ogboh on Lagos, and Listening To The World In a Musical Way

A lot of people would consider Lagos’ soundscape as being very noisy, and they’d call it noise. But I stopped calling it noise since I started listening to it. — Emeka Ogboh

Ilpo Jauhiainen | But when you first started did you have any doubts? Did you always know sound was going to be one of your main media?

Emeka Ogboh | It’s an interesting question; I didn’t actually set out to be a sound artist. Lagos made me a sound artist. I didn’t always know that sound would be one of my main media of artistic expression. I thought I would be a brief affair, but I completely got sucked into it and I didn’t see that coming. Of course I had doubts when I started, I wasn’t so sure what I was doing or where I was going with it. It felt like I was groping around a dark room, searching for the light switch. But then, persistence paid off.

Read the full in-depth interview with Lagos-based sound artist Emeka Ogboh in conversation with Ilpo Jauhianen.

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Images courtesy of Emeka Ogboh. All rights reserved.


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The Opdahl House, designed by Edward Killingsworth for Richard and Joyce Opdahl
on the island of Naples, in Long Beach, California.
Owner: Andreas Stevens better known as DJ Greyboy.
Turntable and a Gene Cooper painting.
Photo by: Catherine Ledner

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Red translucent vinyl of Mandarin singer Gu Mei’s 顧媚 hit songs. Pressed in Taichung, Taiwan, 1966. What a pure synchronicity to find this among a whole store of meaningless LP’s at Eslite Music, Taipei.

Admittedly, i bought this 45 in Soho, London just for that small photo of the loving couple — Jean Michel Jarre and Charlotte Rampling, not for the music at all.

Wang Changcun (ayrtbh) and his idol, Bernard Parmegiani